Mystery Terrain by Shireen Martinez Seno

Mystery Terrain by Shireen Martinez Seno

When we met, you were still making Big Boy (2011). That was filmmaking, and now, I see you showing photographic work. How is the process different for you?
These are photos taken over the past three years since I moved to Manila. I was based in Japan before that. It’s this sort of milestone for me. It starts with the photo of an artist I really admire here, Gary-Ross Pastrana. His work really inspired me to do what I want to do. I guess I’m at my most comfortable when taking photos rather than making films. When I’m taking photos, it’s just me. I don’t have to worry about anybody. That’s where I find comfort.

Like you mentioned, this is a product of three years. I think I saw photos from places other than Manila?
They’re mostly taken in LA, where my father and my sister are based, Seattle, where I had Big Boy transferred to digital format, and New York because my sister lives there. These are photos of where I went to and stayed connected with my past.

Big Boy is done, and maybe it’s gonna have more screenings. What else are you up to now?
I wanna make another film maybe sometime this year. I had a dream once where I was told by some relatives to find a pen for nervous translation. I’m actually really shy, so I guess the pen is an instrument for me to get over my nervousness.

Shireen Martinez Seno’s Mystery Terrain opened last January 14, 2012 at Republikha Art Gallery and is running until February 4.
Cool story and artist’s Instax portrait by Nante Santamaria
Wistful metaphotos by Elyoo Dela Cruz

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