Crosses ††† at The Glass House

Crosses ††† at The Glass House

[one_fourth]Words and Photographs by
Marvin Sayson

Get a copy of their EP on their official website.[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]Crosses ††† started as a witch house project by Shaun Lopez with vocals by Chino Moreno. Sounds from both equally talented musicians combine to create a melting pot of electric, industrial heavy instrumentation and soothing, neon vocals. The Deftones frontman hails back to his New Wave influences as he embarks on an experimental journey with Shaun Lopez and his uncanny versatility. To follow the trails of their DIY campaign, Crosses ††† released their first, self-titled EP as a free download in their official website.

Their first show was held last night at the Glass House in Pomona, which served as a humble reminder to everyone that no matter how technology makes music easily accessible, watching a live performance will always be a prevalent theme in this day and age. Put aside the fact that Crosses ††† is a project led by Shaun Lopez and Chino Moreno. Their live set-up was elaborate: with the three trademark crosses was a complete live band, accompanied by two drummers.

The night was just as dark as the city, and inside the Glass House were the brooding minds of two geniuses and an army of us. Somewhere along the way, we all found the three crosses and a crusader, singing, “Just open your heart and say/ I swear on the cross.”[/three_fourth_last]

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