WestWeek 2012: Design Loves Art

WestWeek is Pacific Design Center’s annual design industry event that features key-note speakers, exhibits, product launches and etcetera. It officially began yesterday with the Design Loves Art gallery openings on the second floor. Here’s an unofficial visual guide to our favorites. Visit the official website of the galleries for more information.

[two_fifth][/two_fifth][three_fifth_last]DEN CONTEMPORARY
Entwined Affairs featuring Tanya Aguiñiga and Danielle McCullough + Frau Fiber Needs Power! which is participatory. A person must cycle to provide power for Frau Fiber’s sewing machine. She is attempting to sew 146 shirtwaist blouses in commemoration of the 101st anniversary of the 146 garment workers who perished in the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in New York City on March 25, 1911. In a different room, there is also the OTIS Product Design Student Show featuring projects by 15 senior students from Otis College of Art and Design.
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[two_fifth][/two_fifth][three_fifth_last]HERE IS ELSEWHERE
Wonderland Stereo by Vanessa Atlan is a series in which the artist creates a fictional record label with a line-up of fictional artists and their fictional records. The vinyl covers feature her beautiful photography and certain elements are drawn from the artist’s real life. Also on display are some spectacular pieces by Angel Chen.
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[two_fifth][/two_fifth][three_fifth_last]POST MODERN PRODUCTION
Two rooms: one filled with giant helium balloons and one with paper walls and a woman rolling around. She later took a photo of us with her phone as we were taking hers. We still don’t know if that was part of her performance. See video below.
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[two_fifth][/two_fifth][three_fifth_last]YOUNG PROJECTS
Immanence: Painterly Engagements by Antoine Roegiers is a unique experience in which different videos created from existing paintings are projected onto walls in different rooms. Warning: some are really creepy.
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[two_fifth][/two_fifth][three_fifth_last]ANOTHER YEAR IN LA
SCULPTURE (California) featuring Tom Bills, YaYa Chou, Julia Couzens, Nancy Evans, Carlee Fernandez, Christopher Füllemann, Robin Hill, Stephen Kaltenbach, Coleen Sterritt and Gerald Walburg.
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[two_fifth][/two_fifth][three_fifth_last]343 DRESSES
343 Dresses: The Chromatic Convergence Project is a project by Mary Younakof in which she created 343 dresses, each with a different color. Opera tenor Carlos De Antonis sang at the Spectrum: Dresses In Motion performance held at space B219 where 343 participants wore the dresses.
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[two_fifth][/two_fifth][three_fifth_last]THE PROSPECTUS
Studios / Cities: Installation by Richard Turner. See cities built with CD cases, VHS tapes, books, and etcetera.

[two_fifth][/two_fifth][three_fifth_last]NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY
Space: Distance features works by Seulki Huh, Mingyue Chen, Sihang Zhang and Bonuk Koo from the graduating MFA Photography class of 2012.

WestWeek is held annually at Pacific Design Center 8687 Melrose Avenue West Hollywood, CA 90069. Visit the official website for more information.

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