Of Monsters & Men and Lay Low at the Troubado...

Of Monsters & Men and Lay Low at the Troubadour, March 20, 2012

Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men has officially begun their US tour with a wildly successful gig in Los Angeles. After tickets to their March 21st show quickly sold out, the March 20th date was added which sold out just as fast as well. Lay Low, a singer-songwriter who’s also from Iceland, opened the show and pulled off a strong set armed with just her two guitars and soulful voice. She charmed the audience and pumped them up, even having them sing along to some of her songs. It was a perfect opener to what would be a very enjoyable set by of Monsters and Men. Their music, while not always about happy things, makes you happy all the time anyway. They did not disappoint, even sounding better live than they do on the record. What made it even better was seeing them genuinely have fun and enjoy the night. It was great from the very beginning of their set which started with Dirty Paws and remained consistent until the very last song, Yellow Light. The Troubadour was filled with such positive energy that night and it was great to have witnessed it all.

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