Wild Beasts and Superhumanoids at The Echo, April ...

Wild Beasts and Superhumanoids at The Echo, April 18, 2012

It was an amazing night of good music with a crowd that was there to have fun and rock out to two awesome bands. The night began with Los Angeles-based Superhumanoids. The audience was treated to Sarah Chernoff’s arresting voice as she sang “Black Widow”, a rather haunting song that quickly quieted down the room. The rest of the set wasn’t as glum though especially “Geri” which I’d been listening to on repeat several weeks before the show. It’s addicting, much like the band’s overall sound which is particularly hard to define with just one genre. They say they make dreamy pop and I guess that’s a pretty accurate way to put it. Another strong element of the show was Cameron Parkins’ voice, with his calmer approach to singing set against the strong synths and riffs which certainly worked very well together. It was a very good opening set and the band seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Next up, after a long and rigorous process of setting up the stage, was London-based Wild Beasts. The opening bit from the song “Burning” played for a minute or two which heightened the crowd’s anticipation all the more. As the smoke machine billowed away, I focused on the only possible entry to the stage, lest they should magically appear without my noticing. You could say that was a mix of anxiety, excitement, and maybe a little bit of impatience (the setting up really took a while). But when they emerged, the energy that was built up by Superhumanoids‘ fantastic opening set filled the room once more.

The familiar opening beats of “Bed Of Nails” and Hayden Thorpe doing his signature swaying signified the start of an awesome fifteen-song set (including three encore songs) that had almost everyone in the room singing and swaying along. Wild Beasts, as you may already know, have two very talented vocalists with voices that wildly contrast each other. Both sounded great live, if not better than on their records. Tom Fleming’s baritone voice was especially at its best during “Deeper” and the crowd favorite, “All The King’s Men”. Their performance of old favorites “The Devil’s Crayon” was a much-welcomed surprise along with tracks from Two Dancers such as “We Still Got The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues”, “Two Dancers”, and “The Fun Powder Plot”.

It was an exhausting, but extremely satisfying show that sent everyone home dreamy-eyed and hungry for more. A magical experience that will truly be in everyone’s minds for a long, long time.

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