Divine Fits and Cold Cave at The Fonda, November 4...

Divine Fits and Cold Cave at The Fonda, November 4, 2012

What happens when you combine two vocalists from two equally great bands together? You get the incomparable Divine Fits‘ rock solid sound song after song. They made a triumphant return to Los Angeles last Sunday in support of their debut album. It’s barely been a year and the band’s already on top of many critics’ favorite lists. Britt Daniel and Dan Boeckner, both great singers from Spoon and Wolf Parade, exuded such contrasting characters on stage that are rather enthralling to watch as they took turns in singing lead. “Flaggin A Ride” especially showcased Daniel’s raspy vocals, while Boeckner shined the most with super catchy track “My Love Is Real”. So unreal. So good.

Opener Cold Cave stepped up their game with a full band lineup including members of AFI and Blood Brothers. They looked positively bad ass as they filled the room with their synth-heavy tunes that reminded us a bit of Joy Division and The Cure. They have a reinvented new wave sound that’s hard to put in one category. This is what music by a band that’s heavily influenced by the 80’s sounds like when done right. (Unfortunately, the photographer/editor ran into some car troubles and wasn’t able to take photos of their set.)

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