Take Note: Bones Like Snowflakes

Bones Like Snowflakes‘ songs are the kind you’d want to set defining moments in your life to. It’s the project of Marvin Sayson, a Filipino musician who did not let his big move abroad, far away from his peers, hinder him from creating music. I found out about it two years ago when a common friend of ours posted about his first EP, Rewriting Icarus. Since then, I’ve been a strong follower and have even contributed photography for his second and third releases. It’s really not hard to keep supporting something you truly believe in. Bones Like Snowflakes is quite special in so many ways, but more so in how it effectively hits all the right spots. This is how music can be when created with a lot of heart and Marvin proves that even more with his new release with Glitch, Winter Quay/Summer Blanket.



RESTLESS CITIES: Can you tell us a bit of how Bones Like Snowflakes started?

MARVIN SAYSON: Bones Like Snowflakes started right when I moved from Manila, Philippines to California. It was hard to let go of my projects from back home, so as a way to cope, I formed Bones Like Snowflakes. I started writing sketches post-Don’t Forget, Clementine and kuwago, which is a hard mix of low-toned ambience and storytelling. The storytelling remains the same, but the sound has changed as time progressed.


I know you were in quite a few bands before and continue to pursue many other projects. How is this one different and what does it mean to you?

BLS is so different because it’s my baby. I take full responsibility for any emotion and sound that comes out of a record. But the baby’s growth is very dynamic. I find that the more I collaborate with people, both for sound and vision, it seems to take shape and correlate with a wider audience. BLS has always been made to be a collective, and I think what I have with my current collaborators is something special.


How has your sound changed in “Winter Quay” from your previous release?

The biggest factor for sound is the rehabilitation of my home studio. This is the very first BLS album that was mostly live recorded. The drums were tracked in my old room in my parents’ house, which always gave me a dual feeling of “Hey, I belong here,” and “not anymore.” It was a strange tug of emotions. Sonically, it gave me more headroom. But personally, as a musician, Winter Quay was a battle I almost lost. I scrapped so many demos and finished material just to get to these three songs.


What’s next for Bones Like Snowflakes?

It’s hard to say, seeing that most of the units in our collaboration are far apart from each other, geographically speaking. But if I’m going to speak for myself, I will continue writing. BLS has always been about finding the center of everything, if not the struggle of getting there. Every time a new album is born I feel like I get closer and closer to the heart of it all. BLS has always been about storytelling, so I will push to write bigger plots. Right now, I’m just focusing on making my studio grow. It’s my own personal garden.

And BLS will grow with it.[/one_half][one_half_last]
Winter Quay/Summer Blankets is available on Bandcamp and iTunes. You can also listen to it in full on Spotify. Follow the band on Facebook.[/one_half_last]

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