WATCH: “Relatives” by Helado Negro

WATCH: “Relatives” by Helado Negro

[one_fifth][/one_fifth][three_fifth]Helado Negro (aka Roberto Carlos Lange) releases this trippy video for track “Relatives” off his new album Invisible Life. The track features vocals Bear In Heaven’s Jon Philpot. Directed by Zircon Prince with visual contributions by J. Tapia, Roberto describes it, “the video uses a lot of hard cuts with video generated by synthesizers and some from travels, late nights and early mornings. Jon from Bear in Heaven created a really amazing counterbalance to the song that acts like some residue of things in my brain – like a resonant echo that keeps repeating itself to me as I keep following.”

Catch Helado Negro in Los Angeles on May 3 at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles with Javelin. TICKETS go for $18 online with museum admission.[/three_fifth][one_fifth_last][/one_fifth_last]

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