WALKTHROUGH: “Desire” by Spazzkid

WALKTHROUGH: “Desire” by Spazzkid

Mark Redito aka Spazzkid wasn’t expecting Desire to be so goddamn successful. It’s been downloaded so many times that Bandcamp has allotted even more free downloads for it. To be honest, Desire has been my jam for the past few weeks. Simple, catchy, and deliciously consistent. We asked Mark to walk us through his favorite tracks from the album. Catch his first live performance in Los Angeles on May 16. RSVP required. 

Getting To Know You

This is currently my favorite song out of ‘Desire,” which may have influenced my decision to put this as my first track in the album. My favorite part is the intro where you can hear random female voices. I downloaded the voices off of an acapella track and cut out the singing parts so that I only had breathing and mouth sounds. Then I arranged those sounds in a percussive fashion. This idea was partially inspired by Four-Tet and I’m really happy with how it came out. I don’t always like how my recorded voice sounds, but I was happy with how it came out in this track considering I did it in one take.  

If Not You Then Who

I wrote this song when I was feeling pretty down. Instead of sulking and being unproductive, I tried to embrace that feeling and write. The Koto (japanese stringed instrument) you hear was played by me — the melody was accidental at first but I think it lends a nice mysterious eastern sound to the song. I didn’t plan for this song to be as long as it is (clocking in at 6+ minutes), but it just felt so right to keep it going so I did. I also love how this song starts slow and dreamy but then builds up to something almost like UK garage or 2-step. There are about 10 layers of my voice going on here.[/three_fifth][one_fifth_last][/one_fifth_last]

Desire by Spazzkid cover



I was listening to a lot of Mabanua when I made this song. He’s a japanese hip-hop producer that uses a lot of funk and jazz elements in his work. It was so inspiring and I felt like some of his funk rubbed off on me. We were in the middle of moving houses when I first started laying tracks for this song. My mic, speakers and most recording gear were put in the storage so I had to work with this song thru headphones and recorded myself thru the mic of my laptop. I’m really happy how it came out: it has a touch of lo-fi and grit that I dig. The decision to name this song after the Mexican Boxer, Marquez was honestly quite random and there’s no deeper connection to him than that. I guess I just like the way Marquez sounds for this song.  

Kokeshi Doll

I was watching a guitar tutorial on youtube and realized that the chords being played were really cool ones. I sampled that and made the backbone of this song in about 15 minutes. I like the sections of the song were it pauses and the guitars kind of like drift in and out of tune — which was me accidentally playing around with the settings. I think I’ve also used a Koto in here too. I like to incorporate Asian instruments as much as I can in my production. It just adds a lot of mystery to the sound. The ending melody was also accidental: I re-arranged a previous melody I was working on out of frustration and ended up putting it in here and liking it. It just worked out. 

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