Pitchfork Music Festival 2013: Our Line-up Favorit...

Pitchfork Music Festival 2013: Our Line-up Favorites

[one_fifth][/one_fifth][three_fifth][white_box]Our team is set to make its first trek out of state all the way to Chicago for this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival and we absolutely can’t wait! The line-up, as you already know, is freaking awesome with dozens of must-watch acts from around the world. Here are our top favorites. The festival happens on July 19-21 at Chicago’s Union Park and three-day passes are now sold out. Single-day passes are still available for $50 each. HERE is the complete schedule.

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Belle and Sebastian

Belle and Sebastian hasn’t played on American soil in a long time and this is a much-awaited comeback. How many of you do not miss Stuart Murdoch’s soft voice? We’re expecting to hear them play a bunch of classics like “I’m Waking Up To Us”, “If She Wants Me”, “I’m A Cuckoo”, among many others. Fingers crossed![/three_fifth][one_fifth_last][/one_fifth_last] 



I guess you could say we have a thing for Foxygen, but how can we not? They’re easily one of the more entertaining bands right now with a sound that’s reminiscent of many other styles from the past, sure, but also unmistakable in its quality. They just recently joined Wilco‘s Solid Sound Festival handpicked by the band and we’re positive they’re set for greater things in the future.[/three_fifth][one_fifth_last][/one_fifth_last] 



Woods is a folk band from the very crowded Brooklyn music scene. They are doing a good job of setting themselves apart though with a pretty obvious talent for creating a wonderful and trippy atmosphere with their music. They also seem to be a perfect festival band especially for the summer.[/three_fifth][one_fifth_last][/one_fifth_last] 



Solange, Beyonce’s baby sister, is steadily making a name for herself with a brand of urban contemporary music that’s quite addictive. She brings a more funky sound to the line-up and we’re excited to see how she’ll do![/three_fifth][one_fifth_last][/one_fifth_last]

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