Yeasayer and Mini Mansions at The Observatory, Aug...

Yeasayer and Mini Mansions at The Observatory, August 12, 2013

Santa Ana lucked out on Monday night as Yeasayer closed out their year-long touring with a stop at The Observatory. You would never guess that opening act Mini Mansions was formed after drummer/vocalist Michael Shuman’s other group (Queens of the Stone Age) were on hiatus. The trio even drew some fans who were there just to see the eerie pop group.

The Brooklyn four piece left behind their prism-like stage structure for this recent tour, but their performance stood strong on its own. During their encore song “Tightrope” frontman Chris Keating had to halt the performance after spotting a fight break out in the audience. Still, the band did not let the scuffle bring down the show. Bassist Ira Wolf Tuton jumped in the crowd in an attempt to quell the situation, while guitarist Anand Wilder joked that the argument started over who liked the song more. Keating resolved to restart the song and then finished off the night perfectly with “Wait for the Summer”.