Echo Park Rising 2013: Line-up favorites

Echo Park Rising 2013: Line-up favorites

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Echo Park Rising is one of our favorite local music festivals because apart from the fact that it’s FREE, it features so many good local bands that would be super hard to find otherwise. Last year was a lot of fun and gave us the opportunity to hang out in our favorite Echo Park venues the whole weekend. This year, they are opening their doors again for this all ages event with so many surprises for everyone. Here are our top 5 favorites from this year’s line-up!

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The Henry Clay People

A mainstay of the Los Angeles music scene, rock band The Henry Clay People are beloved and always fun to watch. After all, their album is called “25 For The Rest of Our Lives”. We’re sure their set is going to be memorable.

The Lonely Wild

We’ve been hearing about this band A LOT. Many of our friends go see them in small Los Angeles clubs often and we’ve been very curious, but never quite followed through. (Our bad, sorry!) Well, we’re not going to let this chance slip away this time. After hours of watching them on YouTube, we’re convinced. The Lonely Wild is definitely part of our schedule.


Big Black Delta

We love for Big Black Delta and have been avid fans since the release of his EP and we just know he’s going to rock this weekend. Jonathan Bates demands your full attention when on stage with his penchant for minimalist set design and lighting, and of course, his dance moves.[/three_fifth][one_fifth_last][/one_fifth_last] 


Fol Chen

Asthmatic Kitty band Fol Chen has been on our list of must-see bands for a really long time now and we somehow could never make it happen. We’re definitely not missing them this time! Watch this video and you’ll understand.[/three_fifth][one_fifth_last][/one_fifth_last] 


The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers

No, they won’t try to shove their beliefs right up your nose. They’re not that kind of Christian band. But The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers are so good, you might just end up believing. They’re a great band to see live because they get the crowd so pumped up, it’s hard not to feel it yourself. Highly recommended.[/three_fifth][one_fifth_last][/one_fifth_last] 

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