Man Man, Xenia Rubinos at The Fonda, September 29,...

Man Man, Xenia Rubinos at The Fonda, September 29, 2013


Even with the conflicts of Arctic Monkeys at the Wiltern and the series finale of Breaking Bad airing, Man Man still drew a strong crowd at the Fonda on Sunday night. Those of us who showed up early for Xenia Rubinos were pleasantly surprised by her vocally driven experimental tunes. Between the opener and the main act came a mysterious robed man, donning a long wig and a saxophone. We were a little thrown off at first. Was this the intro to Man Man? It wouldn’t be too far fetched considering the band’s usual theatrics. But when the twangy intro to Breaking Bad kicked in, the crowd erupted in giggles. Then after a few blows on the saxophone, the robed man pulled two sheets from within the instrument and began to read lyrics based off the series’ characters. For both fans and non-fans of the show, the act drew a huge laugh.

Finally, the main act Man Man hit the stage. Frontman Honus Honus and drummer Pow Pow faced off on their respective instruments. From the very first note, the band had the entire crowd moving. Switching costumes every few songs and donning a new persona, Honus kept things interesting. For the first song of their encore Honus came out solo with just his ukulele to play a sweet rendition of “Deep Cover”.