Deerhoof, LXMP, and Bogan Via at Echoplex 11/4/13

Deerhoof, LXMP, and Bogan Via at Echoplex 11/4/13


Bogan Via, a cool lo-fi indie pop duo, warmed up the crowd as they opened the show with their sweet harmonies. They were followed by Polish band LXMP who put on a crazy show that got the crowd super pumped. They played some really good free-form jazz and electro music. A lot, if not all, of their tracks were versions of songs off Herbie Hancock’s “Future Shock” album. Deerhoof, the headliner, finally came out and was as intense as ever playing their special brand of noise-pop. It was an incredibly tight set and lead Satomi puts on a really great performance. There were lots of dancing and jumping around throughout which earned the devoted fans two encores.

Photos and words by Ceethreedom.[/white_box]

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