Life is Beautiful Festival 2013: Day Two

Life is Beautiful Festival 2013: Day Two


I got there a little later in the day to avoid the Las Vegas heat. Once I arrived, the main entrance had been relocated to a different location. One of the pillars at the main entrance had fallen and everyone was removed for safety concerns. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured. My guess is that since this is their first festival, there wasn’t as much consideration to wind advisers. Nonetheless, it was handled quite efficiently. They immediately closed the main entrance and re-directed everyone to a different location. All with little or no wait time. I have to give them credit – for their first festival, not too shabby.


Life Is Beautiful Festival

Musical highlights


Most of the excitement and buzz seemed to surround itself around the Main Stage. Passion Pit started off the night at the Downtown Stage. Not only are they great performers, the crowd seems to know every word. They played some their hits, “Take a Walk,” “Carried Away” and my personal favorite, “Sleepyhead.” They were great to watch and definitely set to please.

Vampire Weekend is always such a fun band to watch. They make you want to pick up the guitar, wear preppy sweaters and hangout on a yacht. Their sound is so catchy and their guitar riffs are always on point.

And of course, the biggest highlight of the night was The Killers. They are one of those bands that you have to see live in your lifetime. They always put on such a great show and the lyrics are so heartwarming. It was a bit of a bittersweet weekend for the Killers. One of their good friends/Legend, Lou Reed passed away. They did a very touching tribute to “Pale Blue Eyes” that almost had the crowd in tears. Being Las Vegas natives, they defiantly ended Day 2 of the festival with a bang.

Life is Beautiful Festival, hands down, delivered. Amazing music, incredible food and beautiful art. What more could you ask for? The most hassle-free festival I’ve ever attended. They seemed to be on top of their game and would recommend it anyone thinking about attending. Till next time, Las Vegas. Stay Classy.

The Killers photographs by Torey Mundkowsky.[/white_box]

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