A Quick Chat with Geographer

I got a chance to briefly chat with the men of Geographer right before their jam-packed show at Echoplex about what they’ve been listening to among other things. These guys have been long-time favorites and I went into it thinking I’d be fine, but nope. I forgot everything I’d learned from Tina Belcher. (She would be really ashamed of how I turned into a ridiculous fan girl.)

Michael Deni, Nathan Blaz, and Brian Ostreicher (and their manager Robbie) were so nice, funny, and accommodating. These guys have been everywhere touring for their record Myth, even playing several free shows (two of which we attended, a year apart). They’ve been working diligently on their new record which doesn’t have a more definite release date othat than sometime in 2014 for sure. Be sure to check their remaining tour dates because they are amazing live and shouldn’t be missed. HERE is our review of their LA show with Royal Bangs.

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What songs are on your tour playlist right now?
GEOGRAPHER: We’ve listened to Thin Lizzy‘s entire discography and The Velvet Underground and The Band. So, those three songs – Thin Lizzy, The Velvet Underground, and The Band. Just anything current and now, that’s us.

If you could tour with anyone, who would it be?
Brian: Radiohead.
Michael: Bruce!
Everyone else: Whoa!
Michael: Okay, let’s say both Bruce Springsteen and Radiohead. Same tour package.
Nathan: And we’ll play in the middle, in between

What can we expect from the new album?
Michael: It’s very much more song-centric than any of our other work. We were just able to be even more meticulous than we have been in the past and that was really fulfilling. It’s just gorgeous. I love it a lot.
Brian: It feels like the next natural progression.

What is your mantra?
Michael: I actually have a mantra. Do you guys have a mantra? “It’s just trees, roads, and animals.”
Nathan: I thought you weren’t supposed to say what your mantra is?
Michael: Only if it’s a spiritual thing!

Some of my favorite things are beef jerky, bacon, Benedict Cumberbatch, pistachios (aka the nut of the gods), my husband's face, and coffee.