Live Review: Mac DeMarco, Puro Instinct, and Avid ...

Live Review: Mac DeMarco, Puro Instinct, and Avid Dancer at The Echo 1/29/14

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On Wednesday, The Echo packed a full house of enthusiastic and rowdy Mac DeMarco fans (and turned away a very disappointed crowd of nearly 500). According to The Echo staff, this was the most people they’ve ever had attempt to get into the tiny venue, with the line curving down Sunset, over the bridge, and past Brite Spot. Rarely does the too-cool LA crowd show up early, but not for this show, a part of the Red Bull Sound Select concert series.

The venue was filled wall to wall even before opening act Avid Dancer took to the stage. Band leader Jacob Dillan Summers easily swooned the crowd, winning them over from the first note.

Following Avid Dancer is no easy task – a task that duo Puro Instinct just didn’t seem up to. It was hard to distinguish between the band’s soundcheck and beginning of set, but after several minutes of some flat synth, the crowd’s energy had been deflated.

As soon as preparations began for Mac’s set, the crowd’s buffer zones immediately vanished as they pushed to the front. There’s something about DeMarco’s goofy, gap-toothed grin, frizzy hair, and overalls that gets people excited. Right from the get-go everything erupted, just as a show should.

Don’t get it wrong, DeMarco’s band loves to see people get pumped (Mac observed, “There’s a lot of retards being retarded in here… I love it!”), but don’t blow your cool. One inebriated fan blew hers by lingering on stage and it resulted in both the band and crowd feeling uncomfortable. Bassist Pierce McGarry commented “I don’t know how many times you have to kick someone before they realize they suck.” To which DeMarco responded “…quite a few, apparently.”

Pushy fan aside, the performance was everything you’d expect from Mac DeMarco. Fun, a little rowdy, and endearingly weird.

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