Watch: “Tell Me Anything” by Air Life

Watch: “Tell Me Anything” by Air Life

Exciting local act Air Life just released a new music video for their super catchy debut single “Tell Me Anything”. Get transported back to the good ol’ ’90s when the mere sight of your crush made your insides quiver. From disco lights to trippy projections in the background, it’s the ultimate throwback. The band is led by Taylor Dexter, the 23-year-old drummer for two other rising LA bands, Hunter Hunted and Body Parts, which would explain their presence in the video too! The single is available now via iTunes.

If this video made you want to take your love interest by the hand and bring them to a cool show to dance to, look no further than Air Life’s free Monday night residency at The Satellite in May. Catch them on May 5 with Gallant, Sanglorians, and The Silver Lake Chorus. There will be $2 drink specials and free pool from 7-9 pm!

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