Live Review: Morrissey and Kristeen Young at The O...

Live Review: Morrissey and Kristeen Young at The Observatory OC 5/8/14

“So hand in glove I stake my claim / I’ll fight to the last breath.” And fight Morrissey did at The Observatory in Santa Ana following a stirring end to his San Jose performance the night prior. Despite speculation of cancellation over a conflicting performance in the Constellation Room (which was resolved, but not before sending fans and media into a tizzy), the 54-year-old singer showed no signs of frustration. Even in a venue known for rowdy crowd surfers and stage divers – Orange County was rapt with Moz’s every move.

Given the San Jose debacle of overzealous fans, Morrissey was not one to shy away from the adoring crowd, reaching out to the front row several times to clasp hands with those in the front row. Few attempted to make it to the stage, but one young fan (possibly the same one pulled on stage during the singer’s Hollywood High performance) was specially selected by Morrissey himself to join him for his final song “One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell”. Although this show didn’t feature all the hallmarks of a traditional Morrissey performance (not as many stage crashers, no stripping off of his shirt), the singer delivered every tune impeccably and the diehards in attendance couldn’t have been more elated.