On Loop: “Haiyan” by tide/edit

I’m excited to share with you “Haiyan”, my favorite track off of tide/edit‘s just released album Foreign Languages. I have listened to this song dozens of times and it still gives me all kinds of weird feelings whenever those first few seconds come on.

The album launch last weekend was a huge success as expected and the band ended up selling out of their USB tapes in twenty minutes. If you missed out, don’t worry because they are now taking pre-orders for both local (meaning, Philippines) and international (meaning, us) orders. If you’re outside of Manila, you can pre-order through Bandcamp. For those in the Philippines, your pre-order page is over here. In the meantime, buy the album digitally for just $6 here.

Some of my favorite things are beef jerky, bacon, Benedict Cumberbatch, pistachios (aka the nut of the gods), my husband's face, and coffee.