On Loop: “Can’t Won’t Don’t Want To” by Sons of Magdalene

Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv released a new album yesterday as Sons of Magdalene called Move to Pain via Audraglint. It is a 9-track electronic pop LP with songs completed as early as back in 2008. Fans of Telefon Tel Aviv will find the sound of Sons of Magdalene recognizable, but also deeply evolved. It definitely requires multiple listens in order to fully absorb it. You can stream the record in full and purchase it now via Bandcamp.

Eustis explains, “The earliest songs for this LP were completed in late 2008, shortly before the death of my long time musical collaborator and childhood friend, Charles W. Cooper, III. We had been making music together as Telefon Tel Aviv for a decade. Charlie heard the early versions of these songs and wanted them to be the basis of the next Telefon Tel Aviv LP. He died before we could finish anything together, so I kept them as they were and went from there.

The rest of the record was written intermittently from 2009 until late 2010, when the first version of the record was completed. I sat on this for years, against the advice of friends and family, and the record became the elephant in the room. The subject matter of the record is by far the most personal of my musical career.”

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