Pitchfork 2014: Our line-up favorites

Pitchfork 2014: Our line-up favorites

This coming weekend is already the Pitchfork Music Festival weekend! Pretty crazy, right? I honestly can’t believe it’s already been a full year since that awesome weekend in Chicago, but so it goes. We’re so excited about the 2014 lineup and we’ve selected tracks from our favorites to pump you up. For this edition, we will focus on the early time slot performers since everyone already knows how awesome the headliners are. These acts are worth going to the park early for.

Tickets are mostly sold out, but you can still get a Friday ticket via Ticketfly. Hurry before that’s gone too! Check the daily schedule here.

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Mutual Benefit

There’s no better way to acquaint yourself with dream pop wonder Jordan Lee aka Mutual Benefit than through this beautiful studio session released early this year highlighting the cinematic feel of his music. Try not to feel anything. I dare you. He plays on Sunday at 1PM so don’t sleep in.

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Sharon Van Etten

The phenomenal Sharon Van Etten aka Queen of Sad Vibes needs no introduction. But this new music video for “Our Love” is amazing and she is amazing so don’t miss her set on the first day of the fest at 5:30PM.

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Wild Beasts

Well, obviously, these guys. Wild Beasts is one of the best bands to come out of England and they put on a ridiculous live show. Don’t miss the awesomeness on the second day of the festival at 2:30PM.

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Post-metal band Deafheaven released one of the best records of 2013 and will be present to provide you with much-needed badassery on the last day of the fest at 2:30PM. A little early for these guys, but it will be so much fun. If you are a tiny person, best to keep away from the front.

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Majical Cloudz

Finally, for the deeper feels, turn to Canadian indie pop band Majical Cloudz. Simple, magical, and just in time before the sun sets on the last day of the festival at 5:45PM.

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Speedy Ortiz

There needs to be more buzz around the talented and fun indie rock band Speedy Ortiz. Vocalist Sadie Dupuis is a charismatic force on stage and their debut album Major Arcana released last year is considered one of the best releases of 2013. Witness it all unfold on the last day of the festival at 1:00PM.

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