Spotlight: “Absent Sounds” by From Ind...

Spotlight: “Absent Sounds” by From Indian Lakes

California’s From Indian Lakes latest release Absent Sounds out on Triple Crown Records is everything I hoped their sophomore release could be and more. I always feel like the music finds the soul that’s yearning for it and this album proved my theory, showing up in my feed at the perfect time.

Absent Sounds is an evolution for the band and the sound is far from absent. They held on to everything that made me fall in love with their debut record Able Bodies, from the thoughtful songwriting to the catchy guitar riffs, while expanding on these qualities in what I feel might be one of the best recorded and produced albums of the year.

Able Bodies was a more raw, stripped down, and bare bones rock album. With Absent Sounds, it’s apparent they are going for a larger audience, but not at the cost of alienating their loyal fan base. This reminds me of English band Bombay Bicycle Club’s debut release I Had the Blues, But I Shook Them Loose and the way they evolved with latest release So Long, See You Tomorrow. What we have here is a band that is growing and they are not afraid to try new things, and ultimately create a catalog that will seem fresh and diverse.

The moment you hit play, “Come In This Light” envelops you in it’s subtle warmth, while second track “Label This Love” rocks you out a bit harder. It softens things up on the stand out third track “Breathe, Desperately”. The album feels like a meticulously plotted journey and an enjoyable one at that. In the days of Spotify, the only way you can hook anyone is by having a record that is a great ride to follow through to the end while leaving you wanting more. Other standouts like “Ghost” and album closer “Fog” prove exactly that. I can already see it playing on one of those late night drives home on the 405.

It’s a marvel of an album. I hope that it shows up on the radar for more sites and ends up on many of those best of the year lists that writers and fans always seem to feel the need to write up because it rightfully deserves a spot.

Order the LP now via Triple Crown Records.

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