Q&A: Ordinary Neighbors

October 7th marked the debut journey of the Bay Area’s Ordinary Neighbors, with the release of Starting EP. These emo rockers in 5 short tracks have created a nice little calling card, and hopefully these California sad boyz can differentiate themselves and find success in an already crowded marketplace. Band member Joe Calixto certainly thinks so, and I was able to ask him a few questions.
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TONY: First off, where in the Bay are you guys located? Who makes up Ordinary Neighbors, what roles do they play?

JOE: We’re from all over the Bay Area. I (Joe) play bass and from Vacaville, Shaun, sings and plays guitars is from San Jose and Paco, plays drums is from Oakland. We’re all over the place!
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How’d you all meet?

I used to be in an LA based band Wolves and met Shaun through Myspace (haha), then Shaun met Paco at a Four Tomorrow show and both of them stayed at my place in LA for FYF 2012. Then I moved up North.
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What are your favorite bands and what inspired the sound of this album?

We all have a ton of favorite bands from Lifetime to Shook Ones to The Get Up Kids to Saves the Day to American Football.. but a band that definitely inspired us for the sound of the EP is Spraynard. We pretty much started the band after a Spraynard show in Oakland.
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Who sings vocals on each track, seems like you guys switch off?

It’s easy to tell apart. The guy that sounds like an angry old guy who just got out of a whiskey bar is me (Joe) and the heavenly emotional voice is Shaunieboy!

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How do you write the tracks and decide who will sing?

Shaun usually writes most of the riffs and we all dive in with ideas and as for singing we just see how it flows.
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What’s your dream lineup to play in?

The FEST in Gainesville,FL. Cheap food, cheap beer, a week of punk rock, and awesome people.
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What do you guys like to do for fun?

The Simpsons, Food, Thrift Stores.
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Will there be a vinyl release?

I know there’s a cassette release, but God I hope so!
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What’s next for you guys?

It’s just getting started Tony, It’s just getting started.
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Have you played live yet?

We have played a couple of shows already. First show was in San Francisco with some good pop punk bands and then recently we played in Sacramento. It was a good road trip for us. It was in a place called Naked Lounge with some awesome friends of ours from LA called Their Wedding, and a couple of locals Brave Season and Streetlight Fire (the singer was the one who recorded our EP) We’ve got a few upcoming shows too.

Nov 1 – Submission (San Francisco)
Nov 21- TBA
Nov 22 – MILF Mountain (Fresno)
Dec 13 – Honey Hive Art Gallery (SF)

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Ordinary Neighbors’ debut EP Starting is available for purchase and stream on Bandcamp.

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