Live Review: Mikhael Paskalev at The Hotel Cafe 11...

Live Review: Mikhael Paskalev at The Hotel Cafe 11/4/14

Norwegian musician Mikhael Paskalev was not having a good Tuesday. On his journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles, he lost his guitar pedals and lamented the absence of the rest of his band on this tour (“because I’m broke,” he quipped). It has been approximately a year and a half since the singer’s last trek to Los Angeles, when he appeared at the (now defunct) Jubilee Festival and a side show at the Bootleg. Over those months, however, Paskalev’s songs have penetrated the hearts of many who discovered him at that festival appearance. Although Paskalev seemed to feel a little naked without his full band, his minimal versions of songs like “Jailhouse Talk”, and “Susie”, from his newly released U.S. EP, Sayonara Saigon were a treat to those who’ve only seen him perform with a booming ensemble to back him up. Though despite the lack of a full band, several audience members would occasionally chime in to fill in the gaps, particularly on “Jive Babe” with hand claps and some na-na-nas. As these fans chimed in, Paskalev may have gone a bit flush and grinned from ear to ear while singing. “Please buy some merch so that next time I can bring my friends to play for you.” And with that, that show was over all too soon. Here’s to hoping we don’t have to wait another year and a half for his next return.