Live Review: The Blood Brothers and Dunes at The O...

Live Review: The Blood Brothers and Dunes at The Observatory OC 11/21/14

Don’t think for a second that The Blood Brothers’ triumphant return at FYF earlier this year was enough to satiate their ravenous Southern California fans. With a seven year absence following their break up, these fans have had plenty of time to soak in the band’s five albums in hopes of a reunion. As they lined the front barricade at The Observatory, they nearly frothed at the mouth in anticipation. The lights went out and dueling vocalists Johnny Whitney and Jordan Blilie rushed to the front of the stage to begin the barrage of screaming, thumping drums, and blistering guitar. While Whitney was not shy with the audience, allowing them to overtake him as he submerged himself in the crowd, Whitney took a moment mid-set to remind them to keep the experience non-harmful and fun. It’s certain that through the past seven years, the group has had time to store up some energy and bring back Blood Brothers properly.

From LA, four piece Dunes was a refreshing opener for the night. On the grittier side of garage pop, leader Stephanie Chan and company wooed the Orange County crowd.