I Like You, A Playlist

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so I prepared a special playlist for those who are either going through sad times (an oldie, but goodie), or feeling incredibly in love right now. Whether they know it already or not, you should forward them this playlist and let the music work its magic. All of these songs were pulled from the collaborative playlist that my husband and I created for our wedding party last weekend. Here’s the full Spotify playlist for you to enjoy.

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“Sun in the Morning” by Future Islands

The thing about this Future Islands song is that apart from the beautifully minimalistic lyrics, Samuel T. Herring performs it in such a powerful and emotional way that makes you want to be the subject of it. For that someone who’s like the sun in your morning or the moon in your evening, this is a great song to send over without being overly cheesy.

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“Impregnable Question” by Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projects have a lot of really great love songs, but this one takes the cake for me because of its equally great music video. David Longstreth sings, “What is mine is yours, in happiness and strife. You’re my love and I want you in my life.” With his amazing vocals and the quiet instrumentation in the background giving full spotlight on the words, it’s an instant classic.

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“Westside” by The Kooks

I love this song so much because it has such simple, straightforward lyrics and it’s catchy as heck. It should make any certain someone in your life feel extra special without having to figure out what it is that you truly mean. “Well we can settle down / We’ll start a family / Cos’ you’re my best friend / And you’re so good to me.” It doesn’t get any more honest than that.

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“A Simple Beautiful Truth” by Wild Beasts

This is how you want your love to be: a simple beautiful truth. Hayden Thorpe urges his lady to stop the charades. “Woman, we don’t need to pretend anymore. It’s real. It’s real!” Most love affairs start out with games and doubts, but this song is the perfect way of saying, okay, we’re adults. Let’s just get on with whatever this is that we’re feeling. Or something like that.

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“Into Eternity” by Jens Lekman

I just can’t seem to create a playlist without a single song by this talented Swedish man. “Into Eternity” is the kind of song you dance to at your wedding, or something equally as momentous as that. His way with words is almost unparalleled, even when it comes to singing about heartbreak and sadness. “If i had to choose a moment in time to take with me into eternity, I would choose this, this moment with you in my arms.” Oh, Jens.

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“Simple Life” by The Weepies

The Weepies are of course the ultimate go-to when it comes to simple love songs because husband and wife Steve Tannen and Deb Talan know what they’re talking about.

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