Live Review: Stars and Leisure Cruise at the Fonda...

Live Review: Stars and Leisure Cruise at the Fonda Theatre 3/6/15

Stars fans are an earnest bunch and their live show is a great testament to the emotional impact that their songs bring. Co-lead singer Torquil Campbell exudes a level of sincerity that makes it hard to just be a casual bystander in the room. Eventually, you give in to his repeated requests to raise your hands up in the air because it just feel wrong not to.

Having just released No One Is Lost, their seventh studio album, in October last year, their set list was surprisingly thick with classic hits like the always affecting “Dead Hearts”, which they performed almost flawlessly, “Hold On When You Get Love” from their fantastic 2012 release The North, and fan favorite “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead”. New songs like the dancier “From The Night” has the makings of a future Stars classic for sure and really set a more upbeat mood in the room. The lovely Amy Millan truly possesses the voice of a freaking angel.

Stars is the kind of band you take with you until you’re old. Their music is timeless. I believe this because I still enjoy the first songs I listened to back in my teens today and I just know I will continue to do so for many years to come. Unlike bands who belong solely in my “emo phase”, or “metal phase”, Stars has remained relevant and irreplaceable in my constantly changing music library.

The show was opened by Brooklyn band Leisure Cruise. Considering how new they are, their live performance was very strong. However, I did notice that they sounded quite different live compared to their recorded stuff, which was understandable considering the many electronic elements present in their recordings. Their newest song “Dust” was my favorite from their set. I’m sure we’re going to hear and see more from them.

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