Live Review: Courtney Barnett and Fraser A. Gorman...

Live Review: Courtney Barnett and Fraser A. Gorman at Dilettante Arts 3/13/15

A small Los Angeles audience received a huge treat, as Courtney Barnett and her band (Bones Sloane on bass/vocals and Dave Mudie on drums/vocals) played their latest album Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit (out on Mom+Pop Music on March 24th) from front to back at Dilettante Arts last Friday. While it’s been a huge trend to put out an album and go on tour to support it for years, the trio wasted no time to put out fresh material after the acclaimed The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas. It’s a very welcome release, chock full of huge fuzzy chords and marching rhythms atop Barnett’s ever clever words. Barnett stated that this was only the third time they’d played the album live in full, aside from when it was recorded. To accompany the music, Barnett’s limited edition original screen prints and photographs by Tajette O’Hallaran of Courtney and her band recording the album lined the walls of the gallery.

Fellow Aussie Fraser A Gorman was a true charmer, mingling with the crowd prior to the show. Wearing a smart polka-dotted button up and a sincere grin, I lost count of how many times he gushed about how nice everyone he’d met in is first 30 hours in LA had been. Perhaps our current heat wave in LA was brought on by Gorman’s simply sweet songs and sunny disposition.