Live Review: Gang of Four and Public Access T.V. a...

Live Review: Gang of Four and Public Access T.V. at the El Rey Theatre 3/24/15

It’s a tricky task, for a band as influential and distinctive as Gang of Four, to bring aboard a brand new singer. While the group came through LA several years ago with original singer Jon King at the helm, he’s since departed to focus on other work. In comes John “Gaoler” Sterry, who provided a good chunk of vocals for the group’s latest album What Comes Next. While there is no denying King’s engaging stage presence, this latest lineup has an incredible chemistry. Sterry and Andy Gill (the only original member still in the band) play off each other fluidly while Thomas McNeice (bass) and Johnny Finnegan (drums) provide a steady rhythm, steeped in charisma. While it was clear that they were eager to jump into their new material by opening with “Where the Nightingale Sings”, they made sure to balance it with some impeccable renditions of older songs “Anthrax”, “Do As I Say”, “Why Theory?” and fan favorite “Damaged Goods”.

From New York, Public Access T.V. opened up the night. With several former members of The Virgins, they brought a fresh indie pop sound.