On Loop: “I Won’t Back Down” (Co...

On Loop: “I Won’t Back Down” (Cover) by POP ETC

Riding the waves of their wildly successful single, “Running in Circles,” the Brooklyn-based POP ETC have coasted gracefully into more daring territory—deciding to cover the 1989 hit single from Tom Petty’s solo debut, “I Won’t Back Down.” The indie-pop trio has sublimely captured the original poignancy of the song’s minimal guitar arrangements, while front man Chris Chu’s murmured vocals carry an organic recreation of Petty’s Southern tinged accent.

For a band that has the word “pop” in its name, this honest cover of one of rock-‘n’-roll’s classics is a meaningful testament of POP ETC devotion and dexterity as emerging artists.

“Pop is music that gives you something to hold on to,” Chu said recently in a press release. “At its best, pop also mixes familiar elements with the fresh and unexpected. POP ETC has evolved by combining its roots in rock with a diverse variety of popular recordings.”

With the band’s tackling of Petty’s most beloved songs, those roots sound stronger than ever.

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