Live Review: José González and Ólöf Arnalds at The...

Live Review: José González and Ólöf Arnalds at The Regent Theater 4/29/15

Last night was the first of two sold out shows for José González at the The Regent Theater in DTLA. After a successful run of shows in Europe, he’s now on tour in North America for his latest release Vestiges & Claws, which is a wonderful record that should be part of your library, playlist, or what have you.

Oh, what to compare José’s music to? It seems like an impossible pursuit. Everything about him is delicate in ways that could make your spine tingle – his voice, the soft percussion, the harmonies, the strumming and picking of his guitar. Put them all together against a gloriously lit backdrop and you have an explosive sensory experience that’s hard to leave behind. His music wraps around you like a nice, warm blanket. It could also be magic. The kind that makes you lose yourself for a while. His show is one that you would want to share with someone. But if you go solo, like I did, it can be your little gift to yourself. Major props to The Regent Theater for doing an amazing job giving justice to his music as the sound was just spot on.

The lovely Icelandic songbird Ólöf Arnalds opened the show. Her unique voice left many dumbfounded by the end of her set. It would’ve been much better though if the crowd in the back weren’t so obnoxiously loud. Their chattering overpowered her, but she coped with grace and humor. “I want to hurt everyone in the back,” said a frustrated lady behind me. It was just utterly disrespectful and Arnalds definitely deserved better. Still, I admire her for not letting it get to her and carrying on. I hope to see her live again under better circumstances.

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