Audiophiles, listen up: T.H.E. Show Newport is com...

Audiophiles, listen up: T.H.E. Show Newport is coming up!

The Home Entertainment Show Newport (T.H.E Show) is now on its fifth year and will be happening on May 29-31 at The Hotel Irvine in Irvine, CA. Browse exhibits and purchase some high-end audio systems, vinyls, CDs, and accessories while enjoying some grub from a number of food trucks that will be setting up shop for the weekend.

Record collectors have gone up immensely these past couple of years and I’m sure we’ll dig up some hard to find gems as more vendors of new and used vinyl come out. Need to upgrade your record player set up? You will most likely find the perfect new amp or receiver here. Or you could just admire some top of the line, albeit very expensive, equipment that you’d like to get for yourself someday.

You can get your tickets online for $15 a day or $40 for the whole weekend. We’ll see you there!

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