On Loop: “Stay In My Corner” by The Ar...

On Loop: “Stay In My Corner” by The Arcs

Modern renaissance man (and one half of the Black Keys) Dan Auerbach adds yet another bullet to his chamber with his latest side project, The Arcs. The group will be releasing their first full length, Yours, Dreamily on September 4th and represents another sweet, sweet addition to Auerbach’s already colossal rock dynasty.

Check out the newly released track “Stay In My Corner” from The Arcs. Mellow, right? It’s got that high school, slow dance sound you always knew you missed; with Auerbach dialing down the energy and amping up the soul. We’re hearing a bit of Alabama Shakes here and after their stellar sophomore release this year we’re hard pressed to consider that a bad thing.

With an album title like this, we’d expect similar vibes from rest of the tracks but we’ll have to wait until September to know for sure.

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