On Loop: “Leave a Trace” by CHVRCHES

On Loop: “Leave a Trace” by CHVRCHES

As the first taste of CHVRCHES sophomore attempt Every Open Eye, which is due out September 25, the band’s new single “Leave a Trace” appears tentative to deviate from the sultry, pop-melancholy of their debut album. Described in a recent interview as a “middle-finger mic drop” by lead singer Lauren Mayberry, the track is a shimmering shower of synth and rhythmic percussion, all of which is wrapped in the colossal breadth of the 27-year-old’s gorgeous vocalizations.

Mayberry has said recently that CHVRCHES second record won’t deviate much in sound and style from 2013’s The Bones of What You Believe, explaining that many of the songs will still hold a weary glumness to them. “Leave a Trace” similarily sticks to the band’s tried and tested formula, relying on the enormous power of Mayberry’s croons to give their lyrics an unparalleled emotive value, whilst heavy synth arrangements pump the chorus with a tangible energy. What has always separated, or rather kept, CHVRCHES from falling off the edge into the saccharine and counterfeit depths of pop is the bleeding sincerity of Mayberry’s singing–as long as they have that, it really won’t matter much if their second album is stylistically similar to their first.

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