Conversations: Hibou

21-year-old Peter Michel is making sweet, sweet music as Hibou and has just released an excellent debut album via Barsuk Records. This weekend, they’re opening for EL VY’s sold out show at the Troubadour. We asked him a couple of questions ahead of the show.

Your new record has a very 80s sound to it. If you could have one of your tracks featured in any 80s movie montage what would it be and why?
Back to the Future. I think the record would do really well backing up Marty Mcfly’s hoverboarding moments.

In what ways has your hometown of Seattle inspired your music?
Seattle’s nature is extremely inspirational. One thing I love about the city is you can drive for 20-30 minutes outside of town and be in hiking territory. Not to mention all the beautiful parks inside the city , one in particular is where a lot of the melodies for Hibou are written. Growing up playing with a lot of musicians that I still surround myself with now has been very rewarding, and definitely shaped the way that I write and think.

Give me four adjectives and one verb to describe your sound.
Tingly, Shimmery, Drifty, Dusky, Swim

What was it like recording in your parents house? Did you ever consider getting Dad involved with some special guest tambourine work or vocals?
It was a perfect place to record the album. I grew up in that house and learned to play music there. It’s very easy to be creative and spontaneous when I’m not dealing with the pressures of a proper studio.

If you could headline any music festival what would it be and why?
Some festival in Brazil. I’ve never been to South America, and I hear the crowds down get pretty crazy. I’m hoping to make that happen at some point.

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